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Become a TGCSA Coupon Customer

Coupon Service

To sign up, please complete the TGCSA Coupon Redemption Program form and mail to TGCSA or fax to 615-889-2877.

Fraudulent Coupon Alert

TGCSA receives alerts from the Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) about fraudulent coupons currently in circulation.  The CIC is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the integrity of the coupon redemption process.  We encourage you to visit the CIC website.

TGCSA periodically sends a Fraudulent Coupon Alert to members via email and fax.  Members are urged to take note of these coupons and distribute to their staff.

To become a member and start receiving these Fraudulent Coupon Alerts click HERE.

With over 30 years of experience, the TGCSA Coupon Redemption center strives for fairness, legitimacy and efficiency in coupon redemption. TGCSA acts as a communications coordinator between retailers and manufacturers, tracks charge backs and provides a paper trail for your business. 

This is one of our most valuable services, relieving you of the time-consuming task of redeeming the cents-off coupons you receive from your customers. We do all the work and you make the money. Any retailer can use the TGCSA Coupon Redemption Center. Retailers receive full face value of the coupon plus a handling rebate based on the number of coupons submitted. TGCSA Coupon Redemption Center annually returns over $3 million to our customers. Customers usually receive the payment within 35 days after submitting coupons. 

To sign up, please complete the TGCSA Coupon Redemption Program form and mail to TGCSA or fax to 615-889-2877.

Suggested Voluntary Best Practices: Reatiler Coupon Acceptance Policy

The Coupon Information Corporation, a non-profit association dedicated to fighting coupon fraud and mis-redemption, has published a document entitled "Suggested Voluntary Best Practices: Retailer Acceptance Coupon Policy."

HERE to review the document.

Digital Coupons: A New Era

TGCSA's Coupon Redemption Program Can Process Digital Coupons

The process for clearing digital coupons is similar to that for clearing paper coupons.  The biggest difference is the role of the digital coupon publisher.
Companies like YOU Technology, Cellfire and AOL Shortcut$ aggregate offers from manufacturers and provide them to retailers in digital format.
Consumers then search for their coupons online, link the coupons to to their store loyalty card and discounts are applied at the register in a purely paperless transaction.
The retailer stores the redemption data for transmitting to TGCSA Coupon Redemption Program on a regular basis.  The data is validated and clears it through the manufacturer to ensure proper reimbursement to retailers.

Internet coupon use is on the rise.

Do your cashiers know how to recognize a legitimate internet coupon?
A Cashiers Tips to Assist in Recognizing Legitimate Internet Coupons poster is available from the Association of Coupon Professionals.

Click HERE to see and print the poster.

To order posters for your stores contact Cyndi Randle at the TGCSA Office 615-889-0136.

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