Boss & Co., London. Incredibly Rare O/U Double Rifle with rising-bite third fastener and two sets of barrels, made in 1929. Mint original condition throughout - SOLD

ŠAll Photos Copyright Lewis Drake and Associates

Boss & Co., London. Breathtaking Boss O/U double rifle with rising-bite third fastener, two original sets of barrels, made in 1929, and remaining in absolutely mint original condition throughout.  LOP: 14”

First set of barrels

20” length, chambered in .256 cal., with fenestrated rib.
Weight of rifle with .256 cal. barrels and no scope: 7 ¼ Lbs.

Second set of barrels

Added by Boss in 1933.
24” length,  chambered in .303 cal., with solid rib and fitted with scope as described in accompanying documentation.
Weight of rifle with .303 cal. barrels and no scope: 7 ¾ Lbs.
Weight of rifle with .303 cal. Barrels and scope: 8 ½ Lbs.

 This incredibly rare rifle was completed for a client in 1929 at the behest of Abercrombie and Fitch with the second set of barrels ordered and completed for A&F as documented in the attached Boss and Abercrombie & Fitch documents.
Ordered with border engraving and black finish, this magnificent gun, as my friend, Donald Dallas, points out in his excellent book, would have required the attention of only the finest craftsmen available as the slightest irregularity in the metal surfaces would have literally jumped off the surface and smacked you in the face …. no engraving to hide any surface imperfections, you see!
Rising-bite third fastener, Boss single trigger, horn pistol-grip cap with original spare front sight blade wrapped up beneath the compartment lid, leather wallets containing spare strikers, spare sight hood, and spare front sight blades. Snap caps, original case keys, wallets containing unused brushes, pull-through’s, and other accessories, all remaining in mint condition. Exhibition grade stock retains all the original finish and original leather covered butt pad is unmarked.Complete with all documentation from both Boss & Co. and Abercrombie and Fitch.

The epitome of understated elegance in both design and function. Absolutely the finest British double rifle I have ever held in my hands … and it still shoots as good as it looks! Once in a lifetime investment opportuniny!