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Voter Resources
The Federal Election Commission - Providing abundant, accurate, unbiased and relevant information. - Young Voters Need to go Beyond Cable (news story)
NAACP National Voter Fund - Increase voter turnout in the African American community.
Tennessee Voter Registration Information
Tennessee County Election Commissions - Find the Contact Info for the Election Commission in Your County
Davidson County Election Commission - Find Where You Vote
Find Out Where You Vote in Davidson County
Online Voter Registration
President Match- An Issue by Issue Guide to Help you Decide
Educate Yourself - Every Political Leader on Every Issue
Tennessee Democratic Party
Tennessee Republican Party
Thomas - Legislative Information In the Spirit of Thomas Jefferson
The White House
U.S. Government Web Portal
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
The First Amendment Center - Holding Politicians Accountable
Log Cabin Republicans
Take Back Our Faith- God is not a Republican. Or a Democrat.
How Does the Electoral College Work? - The Best Progressive Insight and Action
Good Citizenship - Hold Your Government Accountable - Citizens working to end special-interest politics and reform government ethics - The leading consumer protection organization for elections
Amnesty International- Working to Protect Human Rights Worldwide
There's No Reason to Lose Your Sense of Humor
The Al Franken Show
The George W. Bush Singers
The Randi Rhodes Show Will Ferrell sends you a message from White House West