Daniel Fraser, Edinburg. Extraordinary Mannlicher-Schoenauer, “take-down” action, African sporting rifle in 6.5x 53R Dutch, completed for a British Baronet in 1895 - SOLD

ŠAll photos copyright Lewis Drake and Associates

Daniel Fraser, Edinburg. Extraordinary Mannlicher-Schoenauer, “take-down” action, African sporting rifle in 6.5x 53R Dutch, completed for a British Baronet in 1895. Weight: 7 ½ Lbs. Stock: 14 ½” LOP. Superb 26” steel barrel with excellent bore and very precise open sights consisting of a single fixed 100 yd. rear sight with 3 folding leaves out to 400 yds., and a tiny spirit level like those found on the best long range target rifles of an earlier era. The ramp front sight has a very thin blade with a tiny round porcelain dot affixed to the rear, and a larger flip-up twilight bead. In addition, there is a folding, windage and elevation adjustable, peep sight located just behind the rear tang of the action that, when brought into play, brings rear sight, front sight, and target all into near perfect focus at the same time! Now, for most of us old-timers who grew up using open sights, that over-simplified explanation will be superfluous, however, I have been around enough to realize there are lots of younger folks hunting out there who have never had to depend on anything other than scopes. Well, enough of that …. the point I want to make is that this little rifle has the best configuration of open sights I have had the pleasure of shooting in recent memory, perhaps ever, and, assuming proper lighting conditions, I would not hesitate to use it on certain types of game out to 200 yards.

The silky smooth action is fitted with a “Fraser Patent” trigger group which incorporates an ingenious and mechanically rather simple intercepting safety sear which I have never before seen on a bolt action rifle. Barrel “take-down” is accomplished by removing the large knurled set screw in the left side of the action, then unscrewing the barrel from the action.

Highly figured stock, with game log carved into the right side, records 36 species of game, 100 animals, harvested with this rifle between 1900 and 1909 in Southern Africa, Sudan Somali Land, British East Africa Kenya Colony, and perhaps India (Bear). “Kongoni”, is Swahili for Wildebeest/Coke’s Hartebeest … African species of grassland antelope … 17 taken. Also note the number of Hippo, Lion, and Leopard taken!

This magnificent little rifle has been lovingly preserved for over a century (complete provenance provided by my dear friend, Guy Bignell of Griffin and Howe, accompanies the gun) and comes complete in it’s original case with trade label, original sling, and all original accessories. In addition there are modern reloading dies with all the instructions including 40 loaded rounds and about 100 rounds of new brass. At our behest, Mike Ehinger worked up the loads for the rifle. Please note the attached targets!

Overall a deadly accurate, completely genuine, piece of African history and rather poignant reminder of days that will never be again. The ideal gift for some very special and dedicated young hunter who desires to carry on the traditions of that bygone era.