A Brief History of Master of Magic 2, part 2

What follows are some interesting data pertaining to MoM2's history:


"Master of Magic II

The isometric view of battlefields in Magic I will now become the standard world view in MicroProse's Magic II. Many enhancements are in the works. Instead of 5 types of magic there will be 13, and you will be able to design your own spells and monsters. Six planes of existence will replace Magic I's pair of planes, each with its own peculiarities. And while you could win Magic I only by destroying all other player wizards, Magic II will offer at least four ways to win.

The random world generator will still be at the heart of Magic II, but it will also include a variety of scenarios. Expect this game in spring 1998."

Spring '97 on CNET's Gamecenter


"When we asked about Master of Magic 2, which SidGames reported was cancelled several months ago, Nichols said that indeed, the game was being developed at the Alameda offices of Microprose but that when those offices were closed, the Master of Magic 2 project was cancelled. Incidentally, the team that was working on Master of Magic 2 was the same team that worked on Birth of the Federation. Nichols said that Microprose has not given up on the MOM franchise, and the company is considering the fate of the Master of Magic series."

By Elliott Chin, GameSpot - 02/16/00


"The game that I think deserves a sequel is a strategy game that I have mentioned frequently in previous Questions of the Week: Master of Magic. This game was a phenomenal strategy game that combined Civilization-style depth with tactical combat and a fantasy world. It had a deep technology tree rooted in magic; global enchantments that could shape the world; a slew of fascinating creatures, from dragons to angels to death knights; different races of spellcasters and schools of magic; and, of course, the tactical battles that just added another layer to the involving gameplay.

Since that time, some five or six years ago, there have been a litany of supposed successors, such as the Heroes series, Age of Wonders, Disciples, and so on. Heroes was by far the most successful and is a good - dare I say great - game in its own right, but none of them ever approached the depth, challenge, complexity, and sheer fun of Master of Magic. More so than Master of Orion, I consider Master of Magic SimTex and MicroProse's crowning achievement. The fact that so many turn-based fantasy games have surfaced in the past several years shows me that there is still a demand for a turn-based fantasy game. Many people at MicroProse realized this too, and that's why there were vocal developers in the now-defunct MicroProse Alameda studio who wanted to start work on a sequel to the classic. Unfortunately, when the reorganization of the company was finalized, among the casualties of the restructuring was MicroProse Alameda and the budding Master of Magic 2 project. For all intents and purposes, a game that had barely begun was now dead.

So I hope that by writing about Master of Magic, we can convince Hasbro that there are still legions of fans and a market that will wait with bated breath for a sequel to Master of Magic. With the exception of Warcraft II, this game is the most cherished and beloved fantasy-strategy game ever produced. I know that, fans know that, a few enlightened developers know that. Let's just hope we can convince Hasbro of that fact. Because no game deserves a sequel as much as this great classic does."

Elliott Chin, GameSpot - 04/17/00


"MOM is one of my favorite strategy games of all time. I'd be INSANE not to champion it here at Infogrames. Indeed, people tell me I'm like a broken record when it comes to MOM...heh..."

Constantine Hantzopoulos, Senior Producer, Infogrames US
April 10, 2001


"...Maybe Master of Magic 2 will be available when we're done with MOO3. That would be a fun project."

Alan Emrich, (former,) Quicksilver Software, Inc. (date unknown)


Q: Will there be a sequel to the Master of Magic series?

A: Not exactly. One does not necessarly FOLLOW the other. However, success with MOO3 makes is MORE LIKELY for their to me a Master of Magic II ( because if MOO3 is a hit, it will demonstrate that the strategy game genre should continue to besupported ), and more likelky to be done by Quicksilver ( because if MOO3 is a hit, Infogrames will know we can "deliver the goods" and should be worthy of developing MOM2 ).

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