A Brief History of Master of Magic 2

The following is a history of the false starts of Master of Magic 2, pieced together from fragmented sources and memory. If you know any more, or see any errors, please drop us an email.

Master of Magic is released by SimTex, led by Steve Barcia. MicroProse publishes the title.
speculation: MicroProse and/or SimTex begin serious work on designing the sequel.
spring 1997
CNET's Gamecenter posts news of Master of Magic 2. The design seems pretty well spelled out, and the title is listed as a spring 1998 release. Estimating an 18 to 24 month development cycle, the title has been worked on for several months. However, no futher news ever surfaces. Aborted MoM2, take 1.
August 1998
Hasbro, Inc. buys MicroProse for around $70 million through a subsidiary, gaining control of the Microprose brand and titles.
late 1998 - 1999
rumors float about that MicroProse's Alameda offices is working on Master of Magic 2.
late 1999
Hasbro/MicroProse is down for the count. Result? Reorganization; oodles of layoffs and office closures, including MicroProse Alameda. Master of Magic 2 is canned. Aborted MoM2, take 2.
December 2000
Infogrames acquires Hasbro Interactive, gaining control of the Microprose brand and titles.
late 2000 - early 2001?
Quicksilver Software gets Infogrames' nod to work on Master of Orion 3. One can speculate that Quicksilver also wanted to know about Master of Magic, but that Master of Orion was deemed the stronger title.
April 2001
Constantine Hantzopoulos (aka Chantz, Senior Producer at Infogrames US) states that he's a huge advocate of Master of Magic within Infogrames in response to repeated questioning about MoM2.
2001 - 2002
At several points, Quicksilver staff make mention of a Master of Magic sequel. It is hinted that the sequel is a project the studio would like, and that the success of Master of Orion will play a roll in whether Master of Magic 2 is considered by Infogrames and whether Quicksilver might be handed it.
Quicksilver slips the Master of Orion 3 schedule several times. Buzz and presales are strong, but so is the movement of the release date. Quicksilver is rumored to be paying for the overtime development on their own dime. Impact to MoM2 chances: unknown.
late January 2003
Quicksilver and Inforgrames announce Master of Orion 3 goes gold. Fat Babies, a game industry rumor site, reports Quicksilver is laying off staff due to lack of new projects.
late January 2003
Inside sources state that Infogrames remains mum on a Quicksilver/Master of Magic 2 hookup.