Docking Procedures

To keep you up to date if you haven't been following this thread:

"There is nothing official going on yet with Master of Magic. We're still in negotiation with Atari on it. There probably won't be "news" real soon as these kinds of licenses tend to be lengthy and complicated to nail down and agree to (how many "Expansion packs" are allowed, can it be distributed electronically? How will it be handled on, etc.). But we will try to set up soon so that there's a forum there for people to discuss things. Until then, it's oaky to talk here about what you'd like in there. But for those people looking for a radical change, that's not going to happen. We *like* Master of Magic. We just think it needs updated graphics and effects and a better computer AI and maybe a few new building and units or something. We don't want a MOO3 type scenario where the basic game is being changed. Stardock diabolical plan is to bring turn based strategy games back to the norm. And one way we think that can be helped is with a new Master of Magic done RIGHT. And that means not messing around with what made it a good game in the first place. And unlike most developers, Stardock can pay for its own development on its own so no would-be publisher can force us to "modernize" the game play. We're going to focus on making a fantasy strategy game that adheres to the spirit. That doesn't mean a MOM from Stardock is going to just be a MOM clone down to the nth degree. I'm sure there will be lots of nitpicking because we'll make some tweak to the game (for instance we might mess around with some of the spells a bit)."

Negotiations for the MoM license and other Microprose titles have broken down in the past. Keep your fingers crossed, true believers.