Some Changes Are On The Way At The Downey Profile

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1:13 pm

Some readers probably think I'm a relatively young man, but I didn't start covering the Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown with The Downey Profile until relatively late in my work life. I was 52 years old. I'm 69 now, and I'm ready to slow down a bit.

Accordingly, in 2020 The Downey Profile will cut back its free coverage of the run-up to the Kentucky Derby while maintaining an emphasis on the deep research found in its subscription coverage. The subscription product has always been the best part of TDP, and it's provided a way to be compensated for my detailed and unparalleled research into what makes Derby winners tick.

So this year, while free content will still be available, some of it will be abridged, and there may be links to news content on other sites. I'll continue to provide coverage of workouts, but mainly those of the more prominent names on the Derby Trail.

The top priority of The Downey Profile each year is to try to identify the Kentucky Derby winner. My best work in that regard has always been on the subscription side, and the subscription content has always been far more interesting than the free content. I've kept the price pretty low over the years, especially considering the knowledge that is gained from the research.

Look for coverage to begin in late February. It won't be long.


Dick Downey