Ken Ramsey Making Annual Incursion at Kentucky Downs

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9:21 am
Seeking Ninth Owner Title
Ken and Sarah Ramsey, one of trainer Mike Maker’s major clients and Kentucky Downs’ all-time winningest owner with six straight owner titles and eight overall, will be seeking to run about 20 horses at the meet starting on Sept. 1.
Among Ramsey's motivations is the fact that horses sired by his stallion Kitten’s Joy run so well over the course. Kitten’s Joy is the champion turf horse the Ramseys bred, campaigned and stood at stud at their Ramsey Farm until partnering this year with Hill ’n’ Dale Farm.
“Now that I’ve got the streak going, you want to see how long as you can go,” Ramsey said. “That’s certainly an incentive. And the money is the highest in North America. I don’t think any other track comes close. And we’ve had exceptionally good luck with the Kitten’s Joys there. They really like the track and run well.
“And we really appreciate Kentucky Downs lowering the takeout (the amount off the top of each dollar bet) below their legal maximum. The purses are the greatest in North America and the takeout is the lowest in North America. That says it all. It’s racing as it should be.
“I like the way they operate, because they have the industry at heart," Ramsey said. "If they have the industry at heart as their main focus, they will be successful. Just look at the entries you’ve got. Everybody and their brother wants to run down there. They have trouble filling races all over. In this case, we have trouble trying to get in."
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