Shagaf Chips....

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5:53 pm EDT

Derby Blood Tests Negative

All horses in the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks tested negative for prohibited substances, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission said in a release.

Full instrumental screening for 1,800 substances and their metabolites resulted in one test being sent on for further laboratory analysis. It wasn't from a Derby horse. The lab then has seven business days to complete its processes.

“There were no catastrophic musculoskeletal injuries on either day,” Dr. Mary Scollay said. “One horse demonstrated post-exertional distress walking off the track after being unsaddled and was treated by KHRC veterinarians.”

Scollay said Shagaf was pulled up in the stretch in the Derby with no evidence of lameness and was subsequently diagnosed with chip fractures that will be addressed with surgical removal.

Edited KHRC release