Official Erroneously Denies Juveniles Bled

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10:21 am EST

By Dick Downey

On Saturday, Dr. Rick Arthur, equine director of the California Horse Racing Board, issued a statement saying that no horses in the juvenile Breeders' Cup races had been found to have bled. following a visible examination by veterinarians. That statement was misleading.

Trainer Mark Casse said Spring in the Air bled profusely in the Juvenile Fillies. Trainer John Sadler reported that Capo Bastone and Monument both bled in the Juvenile. So that's three bleeders, and all the reporting is not finished.

On Sunday, Arthur put out a revision that said, "We didn't scope every horse. We expect others to have blood in the trachea."

Casse said a veterinarian prepareded a statement about the Spring in the Air's bleeding, and that it was turned over to the Breeders’ Cup.

“When she put her head down, she bled from her nostrils,” Casse said. “I wish I would have taped it because I want everyone to see what happens when a horse bleeds. It makes absolutely no sense.” Casse said Breeders' Cup officials must not have seen what happened to Spring in the Air.

No 2-year-olds were allowed to race with Lasix in this year's Breeders' Cup. Unless plans are changed, no Breeders' Cup horses will be permitted to have the diuretic anti-bleeding medicine next year.