Road to the Roses Supplemental Draft Starts

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9:28 am EDT

Your NCAA tournament sheet may be down the drain, but there's still time to win the Road to the Roses contest. This is the first day of the supplemental draft, and here are the official rules:

"You will be able to add five (5) horses to your stable during the supplemental draft periods. Each stable can add three (3) horses beginning in the first draft, and two (2) horses beginning in the second draft. Players may add the respective number of horses to their stables at any time after the supplemental drafts open until April 30, 2011, at 11:59 a.m. Horses must be added to stables by 11:59 a.m. on the day of scoring races to be eligible to earn points in that day’s races.

"The first supplemental draft begins on March 21, 2011. The second supplemental draft begins on April 18, 2011."