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Sitemason - Build on Us


Good ideas abound in the universe. Great ideas are scanter. Often, what keeps a good idea from being a great idea is the implementation strategy that one follows to transform an idea into being. A start-up team must constantly balance limited resources, namely capital, labor and time, to achieve viability and to position itself for ambitious growth. What if you could start with more than your idea? What if you could multiply the return on your resources during the most critical stages of your start-up? 

The Sitemason platform exists for just this purpose. Our team has already designed, built, tested, deployed, reinforced, secured and replicated an incredibly powerful, cloud-based platform on which start-ups can advance their development schedule dramatically. Sitemason can advance a project beyond the working model and prototype stage to a fully scalable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a much faster trajectory. The implementation of a great idea really requires your development team to focus on the most important aspects of pursuing its core mission. Imagine if a construction company had to first make its own bulldozer before it could ever start building a house or if a doctor had to make her own stethoscope to examine patients. And yet, the technology industry, especially start-ups, often assumes that you have to build everything. Not anymore!

With Sitemason check off the following:

  • Database
  • Security
  • Cloud-based AWS scalable server configuration and hosting
  • Optimized data caching that can manage millions of data points
  • HIPAA compliance

Make your idea great and let Sitemason multiply your team’s output, roadmap capacity, opportunities for success and your ROI. The one thing that you won’t be multiplying is your time to market. We’re going for fractions on that goal.