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:: Northstar "Broken Parachute" CD out January 8th ::  1-3-2008    printer  

Alright folks, it's true it's true, it's really really true. After much time spent, saved, and wasted, Northstar's final CD, "Broken Parachute" is being released to the world on Tuesday, January 8th 2008.

You should be able to find it in your favorite local record store, but if not, Amazon has it for pre-sale.

Here's the track listing. Give us a holler if you have any questions.

1. Broken Parachute (Alternate Version)
2. My Ricochet (Alternate Version)
3. For Members Only (Alternate Acoustic Version)
4. Chesterfield Kings (Acoustic Jawbreaker Cover)
5. Piano Jam (Instrumental)
6. Taker Not A Giver (Demo)
7. Is This Thing Loaded? (Demo)
8. Broken Parachute (Demo)
9. Black Heart Valentine (Instrumental)