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:: Northstar, DCM, and Jackie Carol Updates! ::  3-19-2007    printer  

With all the battles we've had getting this thing out, the last thing you'd expect us to do is scrap what we had and start over. That would just be idiotic, right? Yes, you're right. But that's what we've done. Why do you ask? Because it's no longer an EP, it's now a full length with 9 songs. Nick Torres came across a long since buried and forgotten three song demo pre-Is This Thing Loaded? and we're throwing it in with another alternate version of a favorite on piano. Track listings forthcoming. Shockingly enough this doesn't push the release date that much further back. We just have to get artwork solidified, and a release date will be neigh!

Jackie Carol:
Plant delays and a massive oversight by the manufacturer sent the CD's back to us as unsellable. They've been sent back to the plant and are being "fixed" and we should have them back in a couple of weeks. The band has set a release party show for the weekend of May 5th, for anybody in the Kansas City/Lawrence area. The official release will follow there in shortly.

Death Comesto Matteson:
Artwork has been approved and this should be back in our hands in less than two weeks. A release date will follow and cd release shows will be scheduled in Nashville and Murfreesboro (and possibly Bowling Green as well).

Check out all of the band pages for updates and come to the shows if you can! More coming.