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:: Hellfire, Brimstone, and SMM News ::  7-15-2006    printer  

Alright, from an outside prespective, I can see how many of you are starting to ask, "why is it I exactly accepted a friend request from SMM when they clearly aren't adding anything of substance to my existance online?"

We at SMM answer... "it's been a whirlwind of a year getting all these releases set to fire upon the unsuspecting millions (or at least thousands... ok, possibly high hundreds) amassed under the shady SMM tree waiting for the plump fruit (that's a simili for fantastic records) to fall in their lap."

Yeah, we don't really know what we're talking about either, but there's a pretty good chance it's going to be awesome.

In ACTUAL news, we're finally putting up some songs from the releases you've been waiting on, and here's a quick update on what everyone is up to:

The Jackie Carol record is officially named "Check, Check" and has been mixed, mastered, and handled with care by Ed Rose at Blacklodge and Mike Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone, respectively. A release date will most likely be set quite soon. We're probably looking at September. This summer Nathan and his wife welcomed a new addition to their family, a baby girl named Antonia.

Death Comesto Matteson is gearing up for their new album as well titled "Ship of Fools, Ship on Fire" which is being mixed currently and shall be ready in early fall for mass consumption... and it's really fricking good.

The Northstar final EP is facing mastering as well and then will be ready for a late summer release as well. This record collects five tracks which include one alternate version, 2 acoustic versions, 1 cover song (you guys are going to flip when you find out what it is), and 1 unreleased.

The Casket Lottery picture disc vinyl version of "Smoke & Mirrors" is absolutely beautiful and sitting unpresumingly at SMM hq waiting for the label launch to get into the hands of those whom desperately want it. There is a very disastrous tale of sorrow that goes along with this record which results in the pressing being only about 400 thanks to UPS, so they're not going to be around long. Stay tuned for the launch of the SMM website where such a tale can be read and retold to generations on. If you can't hold your pants on any longer and really want this now, you can send $10 cash or check or money order or your first born to:

Speak Music Media
PO Box 198243
Nashville, TN

For those that remember mailorder, it's a ton of fun and you should do it!

Thanks for listening and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, recipes, free money, or all around good cheer.