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Vistas for violin, viola and cello (1999), was composed by Mark O'Connor and is featured on the Appalachian Journey album, recorded with Yo-Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer.  In describing Vistas, Mark O'Connor explains the works initial inspiration came from his home studio in Vista, California. From his studio he has three magnificent views.  In composing the piece he contemplated the three different views of the musicians, their three personalities and how they come together to speak the same language to say the same thing.  In his liner notes for the album, respected classical producer and author John Schaefer describes the work as sprawling, almost narrative. A very small theme is explored separately by all three instruments, each arriving at the same melodic conclusion but at different points. Put together in almost a symphonic form, Vistas suggests a journey beneath big skies and far-off horizons, and finally, a return home.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced.

Time: 10 minutes

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Score - 20 Pages
vln., vla., cel.
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Part - 6 Pages
vln., vla., cel.
Part - 7 Pages
vln., vla., cel.
Part - 8 Pages
vln., vla., cel.

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