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Surrender The Sword

Surrender The Sword for violin and string orchestra was composed and orchestrated by Mark O'Connor and used as one of the themes for the critically acclaimed PBS documentary, "Liberty! The American Revolution". On the companion recording "Liberty", album notes author Thomas Fleming writes - "...something remarkable was taking shape in his imagination - sounds more extraordinary than he had ever experienced. On a trip to Key West, he visited Ernest Hemingway's house. In the sundrenched garden, music leapt into O'Connor's mind and in a breathtaking two hours, "Surrender the Sword" - and its orchestral outline - was on paper. It is unquestionably one of the most passionate orchestral pieces he has ever written. In the A part, the music is busy. "You can imagine voices, perhaps in Congress, perhaps in a crowd in New York or Philadelphia, wondering what is going to happen next, as General George Washington is about to resign as commander-in chief of the American army," O'Connor says. "Then comes a long melodic arc, swelling with a triumphant confidence that depicts the great military leader extending his sword to surrender it forever."

Level: Intermediate / Advanced.

Time: 10 minutes

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Cat. No.Title + Kind + Instrumentation
MO136ASurrender The Sword
Score - 24 Pages
vln. & string orch.    
All Instr.
MO136BSurrender The Sword
Part - 7 Pages
vln. & string orch.    
Violin Solo
Surrender The Sword
String Parts - 51 Pages
vln. & string orch.
String Parts

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