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Old Country Fairy Tale

Old Country Fairy Tale for violin, viola and cello is a composition by Mark O'Connor that appears on the recording "Appalachia Waltz" featuring Yo-Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer. The Sony Classical release was voted by People Magazine as one of the top ten albums in all musical categories of 1996. O'Connor scored the original recording of "Old Country Fairytale" to include doublebass. Here, he has adapted the instrumentation to call for violin, viola and cello for improved playability.

The composition features O'Connor's beautiful melodic phrases dynamically ushered into the classic setting. His theme for "Old Country Fairy Tale" undergoes a development of three different dance traditions found in fiddle music - the Hornpipe, Waltz and Jig, which in broad terms presents a unique version of a fiddle contest round. New music with an old spirit.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced.

Time: 9 minutes

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Cat. No.Title + Kind + Instrumentation
MO128AOld Country Fairy Tale
Score - 16 Pages
vln., vla., cel.
All Instr.
MO128BOld Country Fairy Tale
Part - 8 Pages
vln., vla., cel.
MO128COld Country Fairy Tale
Part - 8 Pages
vln., vla., cel.
MO128DOld Country Fairy Tale
Part - 11 Pages
vln., vla., cel.

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