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M&W Rag

M & W Rag composed by Mark OConnor in 2002 is a long form "Ragtime" piece. Mr. OConnor got the idea for the piece while performing with his Hot Swing Trio, preparing material for future recordings and tours. He also was inspired by his good friend and musical colleague Wynton Marsalis, thus the tittle M(ark) & W(yntons) Rag. Mr. OConnor often performed Rags in fiddle contests during his youth, and this genre is well-known in traditional American fiddle music circles. He also feels that this kind of music serves as a precursor to jazz and swing as well, and has been included in the Hot Swing Trio repertoire.

Level: Advanced

Time: 5 minutes

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MO147AM & W Rag
Violin - 5 pages
solo violin
MO147BM & W Rag
Rhythm Chart - 4 pages
solo violin
Rhythm Section

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