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Liberty! Seven Folk Tunes For Violin

Liberty! Seven Folk Tunes For Violin from Mark O'Connor is music featured in the critically-acclaimed PBS series "Liberty! The American Revolution". This collection also appears on Mark O'Connor's Sony Classical release which Time Magazine named the Top Album in all music categories for 1997. Liberty's theme, O'Connor's own "Song Of The Liberty Bell", sets the mood beautifully for the traditional folk tunes to follow. O'Connor's original piece is a melody which at once can depict the disparate elements of struggling for independence - victorious in battle and the remembrance of those who were lost. The folk material contained here, all of which dates to the 18th century, is arranged by O'Connor.

They consist of three ballads and three old-time fiddle tunes, two of which O'Connor first learned as an eleven year-old boy. During the making of the album, O'Connor discovered that the 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, shared similar tastes in tunes. Jefferson himself fiddled "Soldier's Joy" and "Devil's Dream" in the White House! The music in this collection can cater to a wide range of playing levels, including beginners. Chord changes are included for miscellaneous folk music accompaniment.

Level: All Players.

Includes the following compositions:

- Bunker Hill
- Devil's Dream
- Flowers Of Edinburgh
- Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier
- Song Of The Liberty Bell
- Soldier's Joy
- World Turned Upside Down

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Score - 16 Pages
violin and folk instr.

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