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Song Of The Liberty Bell Orchestral

Song Of The Liberty Bell for violin and string orchestra was composed and orchestrated by Mark O'Connor and used as the theme song for the critically acclaimed PBS documentary, "Liberty! The American Revolution". O'Connor wrote the piece to include three different instrument groupings - unaccompanied solo, folk ensemble, and string orchestra. The Sony Classical album "Liberty!" features "Song Of The Liberty Bell" in all three arrangements. Album notes author Thomas Fleming calls the music "profoundly moving" with  "exquisite melody". Fleming further describes the orchestral version - "O'Connor joins in, and the instruments of the symphony pick up the theme. It is a musical replication of the way the voices of liberty in 1776 began with a lonely defiant few - and then swelled to a tremendous national chorus that has resounded through the world for the next two hundred and thiry-three years".

Level: All Players.

Time: 5 minutes

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Cat. No.Title + Kind + Instrumentation
MO131ASong Of The Liberty Bell
Score - 13 Pages
For violin, string orchestra
All Instr.
MO131BSong Of The Liberty Bell
Part - 5 Pages
For violin. string orchestra
Violin Solo
Song Of The Liberty Bell
String Parts - 39 Pages
For violin, string orchestra
String Parts

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