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Let Us Move

Let Us Move (for vocal chorus and violin solo) composed by Mark O'Connor was written in early 2000. This choral work was commissioned by the superb Gloriea Dei Cantores choir from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After finding the text from an old hymn, "Hail the day that sees Him rise," O'Connor finished the choral piece to include unusual singing techniques with no other accompaniment except a violin obbligato weaving in and out of the choral textures for a unique combination of sound. The performance length is sixteen minutes.

In the recording's liner notes, Mr. O'Connor writes: "on a cold February morning I walked into their church, their house of worship and community. I experienced an inspirational devotion to music I'd never known. Under the leadership of Mother Betty, Gloria Dei Cantores voices sounded like angels descending from Heaven, delivering and rendering my music in a way that seemed to shake the rafters and elevate the spirit. It was a magnificent sound borne of discipline and motivation, faithful love for craft andresult. A glorious celebration... a joyous melding of mission and gift. For this experience I am truly grateful. Praise God and "Let Us Move!".

Level: Intermediate / Advanced.

Time: 15 minutes

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MO144ALet Us Move
Score - 34 Pages
choir & violin
Vocal & Violin
MO144BLet Us Move
Part - 6 Pages
choir & violin

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