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Caprices No.'s 1 - 6

Caprices No.'s 1 - 6 for unaccompanied violin are among Mark O'Connor's most critically acclaimed work. Receiving great interest from performers, teachers and students of the violin, O'Connor has contributed music here which will challenge even the most gifted virtuoso. O'Connor's caprices, like Nicolo Paganini's before and Pietre Locatelli before him, push the violin into a new direction, musically and technically, furthering the possibilities of the instrument. "Caprices No.'s 1 - 6" feature demanding techniques which are desirable for study purposes and at the same time are accessible to concert audiences. The violinist will find passages containing complex rhythms, broken chord arpeggios, two handed pizzicato, various spicatto and double-stopped runs. In addition to these specialized skills, however, are the driving and aggressive rhythms the violinist must exhibit in order to perfect the performance of them.

Level: Advanced (some sections Intermediate).

Time: 19 minutes

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MO112Caprices No.'s 1 - 6
Score - 36 Pages
unaccompanied vln.

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