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Brave Wolfe

Brave Wolfe for trumpet and violin is a piece by Mark O'Connor based on an old traditional ballad. It was recorded by O'Connor and Wynton Marsalis for the album "Liberty!". The recording was also used throughout the film documentary produced for PBS, "Liberty! The American Revolution". This very well maybe the first duet ever written for trumpet and violin, summarized as a "triumph" by album notes writer, Thomas Fleming. He goes on to further characterize the duet. "Marsalis' sound echoes the noble sadness of this celebration of the heroic death of British General James Wolfe before Quebec in 1759. The piece turns into a musical gallop, evoking the surging seesaw battle Wolfe's army fought outside the walls of the fortress city. We have a collaboration between the trumpet wizardry of Wynton Marsalis and Mark O'Connor's extraordinary virtuosity on the fiddle."

Level: Advanced.

Time: 7 minutes

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MO108ABrave Wolfe
Score - 8 Pages
trumpet, violin
All Instr.
MO108BBrave Wolfe
Part - 4 Pages
trumpet, violin
Bb Trumpet
MO108CBrave Wolfe
Part - 4 Pages
trumpet, violin
MO108DBrave Wolfe
Part - 4 Pages

violin, viola
MO109Brave Wolfe
Part - 4 Pages
misc. instr., violin
Misc. Instr.

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