Film/Video Projects

Since 2001 Oasis Center Inc. and One Woman Show Productions have collaborated with youth to create videos that offer a fresh youth perspective on issues relevant to education, sexual & reproductive health, systemic and institutional  inequities which greatly impact youth and the community at large. These films reflect Oasis’ philosophy that youth-adult partnerships are essential and can enlighten, inspire and encourage both youth and adults to be actively involved in addressing issues that effect their neighborhoods,  schools and city.

To order any of the films mentioned below please contact Molly Secours.

The Hand You’re Dealt

A group of Nashville teens spent several months researching the reasons why teens are dropping out of high school in record numbers and what some of the contributing factors are and why some teens 'make it 'and some don't.

In the film we see how often success can be the luck of the draw. This video is an artistic expression reflecting the perceptions of youth and is meant to encourage dialogue between students, teachers, administrators and policy makers.  A 'study guide' is available for those who would like to acquire the film for viewing and discussion. Original Music score by Jazz Musician Rod McGaha.


MLK Day: Youth take to the Streets in Nashville TN

In 2009 within one week Nashville Oasis Center youth took to the streets in celebration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King and the inauguration of Barack Obama, the first African American President of the United States.  This 10 minute clip depicts some of the highlights of this historical event. 

Video features Nashville songwriter Don Henry’s critically acclaimed “Beautiful Fool”. 


In 2008 youth from across the state of Tennessee (Memphis, Nashville & Chattanooga) were asked by the Governors Office of Childrens Care Coordination to create public service announcements to increase awareness about the lost lives of children in Tennessee.

The youth called themselves IMPACT (Infant Mortality Public Awareness Campaign of Tennessee.)

Following the PSA campaign, the group of dedicated Oasis Center youth partnered with a Nashville Filmmaker, Molly Secours and One Woman Show Productions to develop more detailed educational videos.

This three-part series is the result of youth-adult partnerships,  creativity and a commitment to reducing infant mortality in Tennessee.

IMPACT NEWS (Part 1) Shaken Baby Syndrome IMPACT NEWS (Part 2) Drugs & Alcohol

IMPACT NEWS (Part 3) Lost Lives Segment

As part of the IMPACT project each city Memphis, Chattanooga and Nashivlle created two 30 second PSA’s about Infant Mortality which have been broadcast widely throughout TN in 2009.



Nashville IMPACT “Get Serious” campaign #1

Nashville IMPACT “Get Serious”: campaign #2

Chattanooga IMPACT Cost Of A Funeral
Chattanooga IMPACT:Reality

Memphis:Shaken Baby Syndrome



College On The Brain (3 minute trailer)

A 30-minute documentary highlighting the economic, social and racial inequities at a local high school in East Nashville and how a group of Oasis Center youth partnered with a fiercely dedicated high school principal and took matters in their own hands. Change happens. (entire film available upon request)

Youth Voice Through Video (YVTV), a film and video training opportunity led by Molly Secours, operates as a collaboration between One Woman Show Productions and the Oasis Center. Students are taught how to write, storyboard, direct, act and produce a short video--either a documentary, music video or short narrative.

Participating youth are asked, "If you were given 15 minutes to speak your mind before you leave this earth, what would you say?" The resulting short film is their response.

Below are 3 minute film clips. All films are available upon request.

3 Minute Trailer

In this 21 minute documentary Four youth involved in the juvenile justice system invite us into their homes and ultimately their hearts by offering a rare opportunity to view them outside of the crimes they have committed. Viewers gain a glimpse into the daily challenges their families face and the issues that shape their lives, and ours.
3 Minute Trailer

The story of Tay, a talented basketball player (William "Book" Booker) pulled between the influence of a classmate who has succumbed to the temptations of easy money (Quinton Pope) and a studious friend (Thomas Groves) who offers to help him boost his grades for college. Tay must choose between relying on the precarious possibilities of the NBA draft and setting his sights on an academic scholarship to improve his circumstances.
(No Trailer Available)

"A 'Conscience' Decision" gives us a peek into a budding teen romance, and looks at what might happen when the proposition is made to "take the relationship to the next level."


IMPACT Teen Fatherhood Conference April 2009

This clip is from a Teen conference the IMPACT youth hosted for young fathers to come and learn about infant mortality.
IMPACT Teen Fatherhood Conference


In January 2009, Nashville TN was proposing an ENGLISH ONLY charter amendment that could negatively effected immigrant residents by denying government services to those who cannot speak fluent English.

Outraged by this bill proposal, the Youth created VOTE NO on #1 and VOTE NO on #2 PSA’s


To order any of the films mentioned above please contact Molly Secours
One Woman Show Productions