Trail Talk

   Looking for a trail? Want a little information on a specific hiking area? Need some directions and
reference materials? 
   Visit our trail notes page! These journal-format trail descriptions should help you get some
pointers about the area. Once you visit these locations, drop us a
note and tell what you think! We may add your entry into our trail journals to benefit other adventurers.

trail notes

   When you are going out in the back country, be it for one day or for weeks on end, you need to know what kind of gear and clothing you will need to have a safe and enjoyable adventure.
Look here for some information
on what you might want to bring
and how to select the right gear
and clothing for you.

trail wisdom

   Do you have your own trail journal? Did you visit one of the trails we recommended? Have you got news or an update about a trail? Do you have a funny story about your adventure? Share it with us! Look here for shared tales from the trail.

trail journals