Westley  Richards, Birmingham.  Magnificent, penultimate, 14-bore flintlock double-barreled sporting gun, #1556, ca. 1841, complete with a superb set of modern .54 cal. bullet-rifle barrels by Mike Ehinger - SOLD

Šall photos copyright Lewis Drake and Associates
Westley  Richards, Birmingham. Magnificent, penultimate, 14-bore flintlock double-barreled sporting gun, #1556, the very last flintlock gun made by the firm for a gentleman in 1841, complete with a superb set of .54 cal. bullet-rifle barrels made for the gun just over 20 years ago by my dear friend and consummate gun maker, Michael Ehinger, of  Stedman North Carolina. 
Weight: 7 Lbs. 2 oz. with original shotgun barrels.
Weight: 10 Lbs. 4 oz. with rifle barrels.
Stock dimensions: 13 7/8”x 1 ¼”x 2”x 3/16” cast-off.  Superb 30” finest quality Damascus barrels with absolutely brilliant, pristine, bores (.702”/.702”) and breeches, and retaining most of the original finish except for some loss where the shooters  hand would grip the forend when firing the gun.
The 30” modern steel   rifle barrels remain in mint condition with brilliant bores and breeches and retain all of their original brown, faux-Damascus, finish. The case-hardened stepped-in breeches have either stainless steel or Inconel touch-hole liners. Barrel sights consist of a fixed rear sight to 75 yds. and a single flip-up sight out to 150 yds. In addition there are two hollow-point bullet molds that accompany the rifle, one for everyday use and another brass mold as finely crafted as any of the period (see photos).
The exquisite locks, with “John Manton” deep-V pans complete with platinum devider bars in the bottom, self-priming frizzens, and extremely stout “solid cocks”, are of absolutely peerless quality demonstrated in the crisp snap upon cocking up along with that “oily” feel to the action so highly praised by the great Col. Peter Hawker who, in his book, “Instructions To Young Sportsmen”, referred so respectfully to Westley Richards of Birmingham as, “Joe Manton the second”.  Locks are pristine and, like the false breech, retain most of the original hardening color without a speck of corrosion.
Beautifully engraved mounts retain much of the brilliant black finish with some flaking to the butt plate and moderate corrosion at the heel of the butt. The stock retains a fair amount of the original varnish with the dark, oil stained, areas missing finish where the hands of the shooter rubbed during normal use. There is also some unavoidable damage to the leather cheek pad.
The shotgun comes cased in an original Westley Richards case with original trade label and many period accessories along with spare ramrod and spare frizzens.  A few later , but helpful in the field, accessories might also be found in the case as well. Unfortunately there is no provision in the original casing for the additional rifle barrels.
 Overall an absolutely magnificent, one-of-a-kind, set for either the collector or the dedicated flintlock hunter. The ultimate Christmas gift for that special person in your life!