R. Bean, East Tennessee. Superb, signed original, Russell Bean .27 cal. percussion "Tennessee Mountain Rifle", dated 1882, remaining in fine condition with an absolutely mint bore. - Price $29,500

ŠAll photographs Copyright Lewis Drake and Associates
Extraordinary, .27 cal. percussion "Tennessee Mountain Rifle", made and signed by Russell Bean in 1882 with brilliant, virtually mint, bore. Weight: 7 Lbs. Overall Length: 58”. LOP: 14”.  Superb 42” octagonal barrel, 1” across the flats at breech and muzzle, with breech tang extending back over the comb of the Black Walnut stock. Beautiful, and very delicate, hand-forged iron mounts with typical patch box containing original period supply of Beeswax/Mutton Tallow mixture for greasing patches. The small white patches you see in the photo are mine and, obviously, not from the period. Overall in wonderful condition, very accurate, and a great rarity. It comes with a modern mould for casting just the right size round ball. Deadly accurate with about 8 grains 3F powder.
 The Bean Family Gun makers were legendary in East Tennessee and this fine rifle is the best condition example I have seen.