Edward London, London. Massive 4-bore percussion dangerous game rifle, ca 1858 - SOLD

ŠAll Photos Copyright Lewis Drake and Associates
Edward London, London. Massive 4-bore percussion dangerous game rifle, ca 1858. Weight: 17 lbs.
Extraordinary 42” Damascus barrel rifled with 20 shallow grooves and very slow twist. Bore dia. 1.062” in excellent condition from muzzle to breech. Breech bright with no corrosion internally or externally and showing little evidence of use. There is an extremely useful threaded plug which screws into the right side of the breech to give better access during cleaning and for unloading when you accidently load a ball after forgetting to load powder …. it happens.  Four folding leaf rear sights and fine bead foresight make for excellent sight picture.
The Lock with sliding half-cock safety and fly is of absolutely peerless quality. The hammer nose cup is very deep and hammer is set to impact cap at the exact same time the hammer throat comes to rest on the breech fence. This was timed this way on purpose to prevent excessive flattening of the nipple. Also the hammer nose cup completely covers the entire cap effectively preventing injury if there should be any fragmenting of the cap.
The iron mounts are beautifully filed up and engraved with plain thick-and-thin line borders devoid of other embellishment with the exception of a magnificent, rampant, trumpeting, elephant engraved on the butt plate. Original heavy duty Black Ironwood loading rod with screw cap on hidden end.
Original Walnut stock was broken at the wrist with an old repair only fit for show after which a coat of black lacquer had been applied to fake an “ebonized” finish …  good enough to fool some unwary buyer but absolutely worthless for use in the field. This has been expertly repaired by long time friend, brother in Christ, and gun maker extraordinaire, Stephen Alexander, and has withstood many rounds fired with an 1837 grain patched lead round ball over 10 drams of Goex 2F, Royal Blend, “Olde Eynsford” powder. By the way, that 10 dram load of 2F was used to proof the stock repair … I would strongly recommend 1 1/2F for hunting.
Overall this is the finest 4-bore muzzle loading rifle I have ever put to my shoulder and can safely guarantee there is not another 4-bore front loading rifle in the world that can match it for asthetic appearance, deadly one hole accuracy, with relatively soft recoil.  At 50 yds. dead on keyhole one shot after another …. All due to the shallow slow twist rifling and the superb open sights. Absolutely the finest 4-bore single barrel hunting rifle you will ever have the opportunity to own. Comes ready for Africa with 50 cast balls, precision cut card wads, ¾” thick waxed felt wads, and plenty of patches.

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