R. B. Rodda, London and Calcutta.  Magnificent, "Modele' Deluxe", Sidelock/Ejector .600 NE double rifle made for, Raja Raghuraj Bahadur Sinha, ca. early 1920's.  Price On Request

ŠAll photos copyright Lewis Drake
R. B. Rodda & Co., Birmingham and Calcutta.  Magnificent Sidelock/Ejector, “Modele de Luxe”, Double Rifle in .600 N.E., #10048,  made for, Raja Raghuraj Bahadur Sinha, of  Haraha Estate, ca. early to mid-1920's. There are no known existing records for the Rodda Firm which is regrettable, however, that trade label in the case lid was in use by Rodda from approximately 1910 through 1931. My personal thoughts are that the gun was completed ca. early 1920's. The Raja died in 1938 which could account for the gun remaining in absolutely pristine, original, overall condition, showing no evidence of having been fired since it left the maker a century ago. I said original, that is with the possibility the case could have been relined and the ivory-handled accessories replaced at a later date, otherwise all original.

The Rifle weighs in at 14 ½ lbs with empty chambers. Stock Dimensions: 14 3/4" LOP.  Superb 26" chopper-lump, Whitworth Steel,  barrels with 110 gr. Cordite and 900 gr. bullet proofs.  Note the individual rear flip-up sights graduated in 100 yd. increments out to 500 yds. terminating in a single flip-up sight adjustable from 600 to 1000 yds. (no further comments needed on that!). Massive, top-lever opening, sidelock action with double under-lugs and spade dolls-head with hidden bolted third fastener. The top tang of the action extends rearward over the rise and well back on the comb of the stock. Ejectors, bushed firing pins, double triggers, and bolted automatic safety.  Beautiful, full-coverage, bold, deep-relief, Indian jungle foliage and game-scene engraving which extends out the barrel breaches. The tiny, multi-colored-enamel-inlaid, 24 kt gold shields, fastened to each lockplate with 3 tiny blued steel screws, are beautiful little works of art in themselves! Please, go to the close-up photo which shows a quarter laying next to one of the gold shields for size comparison and note that the coin would completely cover the entire shield which will give you a visual clue to the exquisitely delicate intricacy of the inlays and the vibrant colors of the enamel, all of which simply must be viewed under significant magnification to fully appreciate the work.
I could go on, however, the rest of the photographs pretty much speak for themselves.

Including all of the English gun-maker's there are less than 70, pre-WWII, British .600 NE double rifles known to exist. This extraordinary rifle is, arguably, the finest pre-war example known and is one of the rarest, most highly sought after, collectible firearms in the world.