R. Hoinig, Ferlach.  Exceptionally rare little full-stocked, bar-action rebounding-hammer sidelock, O/U double rifle in caliber .22 Hornet, ca. 1930's - Price $48,500

ŠAll Photos copyright Lewis Drake and Associates
 R. Hoinig, Ferlach. Extraordinarily rare little full-stocked, rebounding-hammer sidelock,  O/U double rifle in caliber .22 Hornet, ca. pre-WWII.  Weight only 6 1/2 Lbs.  Stock Dimensions: 14" LOP.  20" cctagonal steel barrels have brilliant bores. Superb, peerless quality, bar-action, rebounding-hammer sidelocks are absolutely mechanically perfect. Beautifully engraved action with bushed firing pins and double, fully adjustable, single-set triggers. Highly figured unusual two-piece Walnut full length stock with horn pistol-grip cap and butt plate. This spectacular little rifle has been fitted with a decerative wooden ramrod and the ramrod pipes are all of stag horn The highly unusual flared forend cap is fashioned in stag horn as well. Original Abercrombie and Fitch leather case with trade label showing a Berlin address, and complete with bone handled cleaning rod, jags, and key to the case. This diminutive little gem is extremely accurate using readily available Hornady Factory Ammo as the target in the photos will attest. When I originally did the photography I should have included a yardstick in the picture to give the proper scale to this dimnutive firearm but, failing that, please note that the outside dimensions of the maker's case are only 21 3/4" long x 7 1/2" wide x  3 1/4" high. Overall an absolutely unique little firearm, in virtually mint condition throughout, and a great rarity.