Thomas Bird, London. Magnificent 17-bore flintlock sporting gun, ca. 1800 - Price On Request

Šall photos copyright Lewis Drake and Associates

Thomas Bird, London. Exceptionally fine double barreled 17-bore flintlock sporting gun, ca. 1800, in what appears to be the original case with numerous period accessories. Weight: 6 Lbs. 14 oz.  Magnificent 32 ¾” Damascus barrels with bright bores and patent breeches retain virtually all of the rebrown finish. Extensively gold inlaid breeches with gold bands and touch-hole liners remain in fine condition. Beautifully engraved false breech. Superb quality locks, with nice game-scene engraving, sunken gold poincon, and gold lined pans are mechanically absolutely perfect and demonstrate an extremely fast ignition sequence. All the lock internal parts are of the finest quality and retain traces of the original fire blue tempering finish. All Iron mounts are beautifully game scene engraved and show no wear whatever. Highly figured walnut stock remains in fine condition. Original horn-tipped ramrod. Original early case with coarse Irish baize lining in fine condition and what appears to be a number original accessories including a rare winged turnscrew for side nail and cock top-jaw screw and a proper period bullet mould of appropriate size for the gun.

Thomas Bird apparently set up business for a time, 1798-9, in London then moved to Birmingham where he was in business alone from 1802-7, after which he became associated with Richard (?) Ashmore and operated as Bird & Ashmore Gunmakers in Birmigham from 1807-11. During all this time he was noted for marking his guns “London”. Mr. Bird died in 1812.

This magnificent sporting gun has Nock-style patent breeches and demonstrates extremely fast ignition, every bit as fast as any Manton gun of the same period. In addition, it patterns very well, placing 36% of a 1 oz. load of #6 shot on a 22”x 32” sheet of paper at 43 yards. Powder charge for that pattern was 2 1/4 drams FFFg Goex powder which developed a muzzle velocity of 1045 ft/sec. Absolutely one of the finest early flintlock sporting double guns you will have the opportunity to own.