Durs Egg, London. Exceptional 20-bore double flintlock sporting gun cased with every accessory, ca.1795 - SOLD

ŠAll photos Copyright Lewis Drake and Associates

Durs Egg, London. Extraordinary 20-bore double barreled flintlock sporting gun #95, ca. 1795. Weight: 6 Lbs. 5 oz.   LOP: 14 ½”.  Superb 32”, 20-bore, barrels with a significant amount of an old rebrown finish remaining. Bores are perfect, retaining the original boring which would account for the tight patterns. Please note the gold wrist escutcheon upon which is inscribed, “Be It Fast”! This superb little gun has very fast lock times and, having owned and shot it many times over the years, I can attest to the speed of ignition, the incredibly tight shot patterns it throws, and the superior shot penetration ….  performance which, in every category, far exceeds that of my old favorite, choke-bored, Parker 12ga. SxS breech-loading nitro-cartridge gun.

Overall this gun has seen considerable use but never any abuse. The right lock has a period repair to the tail of the cock and the frizzens, both original to the gun as it came from the maker, have been refaced during the period of use. The original period Oak case has been relined and fitted out with a complete complement of proper period accessories (some of which are reproductions) ……. everything needed to operate, clean, and maintain the gun in proper working order including a breech wrench numbered to the gun! Also included are the 32”x 22” patterning targets documenting the almost unbelievable performance of this gun. Overall an exceptionally rare little gun and certainly one of the earliest known examples by this great British Maker.