Samuel Oakes, London. Fine 16-bore single barrel flintlock sporting gun, ca. 1785 - SOLD

ŠAll Photos Copyright Lewis Drake and Associates

Samuel Oakes, London. Fine 15-bore single barrel flintlock sporting gun, ca. 1785. Weight: 5 ½ Lbs. LOP: 14 ¼”.  Superb 36” two-stage Damascus barrel retaining a fair amount of an old rebrown finish. Henry Nock Patent Breech with an absolutely mint bore. Magnificent lock indistinguishable in workmanship from a Nock lock of the period. Beautifully engraved. Original ramrod. Cased in a period case with a Mortimer Trade Label and all accessories, including an interesting note from Keith Neal documenting the gun’s prowess and the fact he used it on many occasions. Also included are a couple of patterning sheets in which this gun was shown to out-perform in both pattern density and penetration my modern Parker 12ga. breechloader. This gun also demonstrates incredibly fast ignition, comparable to the finest vertical-sear John Manton locks of the mid-1820’s.  Now, for whatever it’s worth …. I have hunted with flintlock guns, almost exclusively, for going on 65 years now and this Oakes gun and the Egg double listed above are the most incredible flint guns I have ever had the pleasure of taking to the field!