Thomas Bland, London. Extraordinarily rare and fine 8-bore rifle, nitro-proofed, and cased with all original accessories, ca. 1910 - Price $47,500

ŠAll Photos copyright Lewis Drake and Associates
Thomas Bland, London.  Extraordinarily rare and fine top-lever opening, bar action sidelock, 8-bore rifle, nitro-proofed and cased with all original accessories ca. 1910.  Weight: 12 lbs.  LOP 14 5/8".  Massive 28" steel barrel chambered for a 3 1/4" brass case retains much of the original black finish and the bore is brilliant. Nitro proofed in 1977. The top of the Barrel is engraved at the breech, "Eley's Solid Drawn Case Charge 10 Drams", and out a bit further within an oval, "Winner's Of The 1885 American Rifle Trials". The rear sight consists of a single fixed leaf for 50 yds with two folding leaves out to 100 yds. The front sight is a fine blade with a platinum face. Fading case color is present over most of the action and lock including the action flats and breech face. The trigger guard and pistol-grip cap retain much of the original color hardening as well. The top lever action and rebounding-hammer bar-action lock are nicely border engraved, and of absolutely peerless quality throughout. Action and lock remain crisp, tight, and on-the-face.  Very fine original walnut pistol-grip stock is nicely figured, strong, and straight-grained as it should be in a massive rifle of this type. Stock and forend retain all the original finish and the checkering is crisp and unretouched showing little evidence of use. The rifle comes in the original maker's case with trade label and complete with a wonderful compliment of original accessories including a superb original conical bullet mould numbered to the gun. This magnificent set is complete and, with the exception of the case colors having faded a bit, the whole remains in near mint condition throughout and is about the finest English 8-bore rifle you could hope to find.  Also accompanying the gun is a compliment of modern cartrige reloading tools. Take this rifle along and add a whole new dimension to your next safari.