W. W. Greener, London. Magnificent hammerless, ejector, double rifle in .600 NE completed ca. 1911 - SOLD

ŠAll photos copyright Lewis Drake and Associates

W. W. Greener, London. Magnificent hammerless, ejector, double rifle in .600 NE completed ca. 1911. Weight: 17 Lbs. with live rounds in chambers and sling attached; 16 ¼ Lbs. with empty chambers and no sling. Stock Dimensions: 14 5/8”(front trigger) x 1 ½”x 2 5/8”x ¼” cast-off. Absolutely flawless new 4150 Chrome/Moly Steel barrels by Steve Alexander, of Lewis Drake and Associates, with London proofs in 2011 for 120 gr. Cordite and 900 gr. bullet. Original Greener rear sights with 50 yd. fixed leaf and folding leaves out to 400 yds. Ramp foresight. Barrels and top rib have been meticulously hand stippled from breech to muzzles to obliviate glare and, incidentally, provide a very pleasing appearance. You will occasionally see this treatment on best British guns, particularly by Holland & Holland, but rifles so treated are extremely rare due to the incredible amount of time required to do the hand work.

Massive under-lever-opening boxlock action with double triggers, automatic ejectors, bushed firing pins, and non-automatic safety. Steel reinforcing bars are inlet into the rear of each side of the action and extend all the way back through either side of the wrist and into the comb area of the butt stock. This was typical of Greener’s large caliber dangerous game rifles and provided an incredible amount of added strength to these massive firearms at their weakest point, that being the wrist. Nicely figured, very straight-grained, walnut stock with original pistol grip cap and Silver’s butt pad. Overall an absolutely stunning, virtually indestructible, working gun, rebarreled, refurbished, and engraved by Steve Alexander with meticulous attention to every detail as the attached photos will attest. Final regulation and load workup was by my dear friend, Mike Ehinger, and photos of the final target are provided along with about 50 rounds of loaded ammo and all the proper tools and reloading dies.