Wm. Evans, London. Rare and fine boxlock double rifle in .600 N.E., made in 1910 - SOLD

ŠAll Photos Copyright Lewis Drake


Wm. Evans (From Purdey’s), London. Rare and very fine Boxlock double rifle in .600 N.E. completed and sold to Captain, The Hon. J.R.D. Prittie in 1910. Weight 16 ¾ Lbs. (with 2 cartridges chambered). Stock Dimensions: 14 5/8”x 1 ¼”x 1 ¾”x straight. Superb 26” chopper-lump, steel, barrels with brilliant bores and proofs for 100gr. cordite and 900gr. bullet. Single fixed 100yd. rear sight with two folding leaves out to 400yds and ramp front sight with intact flip-up twilight bead. Beautifully rounded and filed up muzzles typical of Purdey double rifles of the period, a firm with whom Mr. Evans was proud to have been previously employed before striking out on his own around 1883-84.  Heavy, top-lever, Webley-style, boxlock action with double underlugs and bolted third fastener. Action with nice, full-coverage, scroll engraving has bushed firing pins, extractors,  double triggers, and automatic safety. Nicely restocked and refinished in black which provides for a somewhat sinister, and well deserved, appearance! Overall tight as a safe and absolutely dead-on accurate as the attached target will attest. The first owner, according to my friend, Cal Pappas in his fine book on the .600 Rifle, served as Assistant Commissioner of the Uganda Boundary Commission from 1910 to 1914 and was killed in action 29 December 1914.

Given this magnificent rifle’s vintage, condition, history, weight, appearance, and accuracy, there is not a more poignant or appropriate reminder you could hope to own that would be more representative of those glorious days that will be no more. Fairly priced and ready for Africa.