Daniel Fraser & Co., Edinburgh. Magnificent Double Rifle in .500, 3 1/4", NE, ca. 1904 - Price $75,000

ŠAll photos Copyright Lewis Drake and Associates
Daniel Fraser & Co., Edinburgh. Magnificent Double Rifle in .500, 3 1/4", NE, ca. 1904.  Weight: 11 lbs. 14 oz.  Stock Dimensions: 14 5/8"x 1 3/8"x 2 1/2"x 1/4" cast-off. . 28" chopper-lump steel barrels retaining much of the original finish have brilliant, absolutely mint, chambers and bores. Full length rib, ramped up at the muzzle, and file cut at breech and muzzle. Single 100yd. standing rear sight with inverted ivory triangle inlay, and two platinum-inlaid folding leaves out to 300 yds. Blade front sight with flip-up twilight bead. Deluxe scalloped boxlock action with intercepting safety sears, an expensive feature seldom incorporated into boxlock guns, and then only on those of the very finest quality such as this one.  Side clips, third fastener, bushed firing pins, articulated front trigger and ejectors.  All lock and forend internal parts retain virtually all of the original gold plating which was applied from the maker to prevent corrosion – another attention to the detail reserved only for guns of the highest quality. Butt stock probably replaced at some point. This superb rifle is as tight as a safe and appears to have seen minimal use. Much original finish remains throughout. Original maker's case and trade label. Overall about as fine a dangerous-game rifle as you could hope to find by one of the greatest rifle-makers that ever lived.