Unusual, all metal, English .44 cal. percussion pistol, ca. 1830, made for the American market - SOLD

ŠAll Photos copyright Lewis Drake and Associates
Handsome large English, all metal, .44 Cal. percussion pistol, ca. 1830.  Overall length 14”.  Unusual 8 ½”, three-stage, barrel with cannon muzzle, gold and silver inlaid at the breech with “London” inlaid in silver, and with British proofs. Hollow, white metal, stock incorporating the lock plate and lock internals is beautifully and elaborately engraved in a most attractive fashion. The most interesting feature is the eagle surmounting the “Stars and Stripes” indicating it was made for the American market. A small compartment with engraved, spring-loaded, steel lid is incorporated in the butt of the stock for storage of percussion caps. The ramrod is of steel with a white metal tip. The nipple is worn and corroded otherwise the pistol is in fine condition and mechanically perfect. Overall a very rare, interesting, and decorative firearm of unusually large size for the type.