Extremely rare French Eprouvette (powder tester) ca. 1790 - Price $4750

ŠAll Photos copyright Lewis Drake and Associates
Extremely rare French Eprouvette (powder tester) ca. 1790, signed “Pacros Richard” on the lock plate.  Overall length 10”.  Beautifully filed lock with fancy frizzen spring, pan, and cock. Internally the lock has a fancy filed bridle and a chain link mainspring. All of the aforementioned are features found on only the finest of firearms and it is extremely rare to see such workmanship lavished on a tool. Where the barrel would normally be located there is an intricate mechanism with a scale graduated from 1 to 12 for recording the measured powder strength. Very nicely checkered walnut stock and filed iron mounts. Overall an extremely rare and fine powder tester demonstrating exceptional workmanship and attention to detail in every aspect of it’s construction. A unique piece.