H. W. Mortimer, London. Extraordinarily rare 12-bore double-barreled flintlock “Asian and African” Big Game rifle, ca. 1785-90 - SOLD

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ŠAll Photos Copyright Lewis Drake and Associates
H. W. Mortimer, London. Extraordinarily rare 12-bore double-barreled flintlock “Asian and African” Big Game rifle, ca. 1785-90.  Weight: 10 ½ lbs.  Overall Length: 49 ¾” 
LOP: 14 3/8”.  Superb 33” Damascus barrels with excellent bores and breaches retaining much of a re-brown finish. The bores have a very even light brown patina from breech to muzzle which shows up bright and perfectly smooth under a bore light indicating not one speck of significant corrosion anywhere including the breaches themselves which also reflect back mirror bright. There is also no significant corrosion on the exterior of the breaches around the gold touch hole liners, nor in the gold-lined pans and other areas of the locks where corrosion is normally found. In short, this magnificent rifle shows little evidence of use at all. Peerless quality locks with the fly suspended from an axle within a narrow slot filed out of the center of the lower quadrant of the tumbler …. A very difficult thing to make and a feature I have formerly only seen on best Mortimer rifle locks such as these. The left lock is totally original, however, the right lock had some parts replaced during the period of use which were inferior and certainly not up to Mortimer’s standards of excellence. LDA Gun maker, Steven Alexander, has taken care of that situation in first rate fashion by making and replacing all the internal parts in the right lock …. Please realize it would have been a simple thing to age the work back to the point where it would look identical to the original left lock, however, we elected to leave it as you see it just to give you a glimpse of the quality of work we are capable of here at LDA.  Another unusual feature often found on Mortimer double rifles are the exquisitely fashioned double, fully adjustable, single-set triggers.
The Iron mounts, retaining traces of the original black finish, have been filed up and engraved to represent the type of dangerous game this rifle was designed for and a very similar example may be found in, “The Mortimer Gunmakers  1753-1923”, by H. Lee Munson, pp. 47-48.
The highly figured walnut stock has a patch box in the right side of the butt and, amazingly, retains the original sliding wood cover. All checkering is crisp and has never been refreshed, another indication of how little actual use this gun has seen in the field. There are a few minor repairs to the stock dating from the period of use. The only repair we made was the inlay of two tiny chips of wood on either side of the false breach tang.
The heavy duty loading rod is a replacement made by LDA with an iron worm under a screw-on brass cap on the hidden end just as the original would have had.
It should be noted that British large bore double barreled flintlock dangerous game rifles from this period are great rarities, especially in this fine condition.
Overall an absolutely stunning rifle and a great shooter. It comes ready to hunt with 50 cast lead balls, card wads and waxed felt wads not included.