German Holster Pistols, ca. 1730 - SOLD

ŠAll Photos copyright Lewis Drake and Associates
German Holster Pistols, ca. 1730.  Magnificent museum quality matched pair of early 18th century Germanic holster pistols.  Overall length 20”.  12 ½”  two-stage, tapered, silver-inlaid, .56 cal. rifled   barrels are flared slightly (swamped) at the muzzle and have silver spider inlay front sights and excellent bores. Superb quality pinless locks are highly polished and elaborately embellished with deeply chiseled foliage and graphic battle scenes depicting combatants firing pistols from horseback.  Exquisitely chiseled and fire-gilt bronze mounts include trigger guard bow with game scene showing a gentleman loading a flintlock sporting gun, Pommel with scenes of hunting dogs bringing down stag and wild boar,  side plate with an elaborate battle scene including mounted combatants firing pistols, and wrist escutcheons surmounted by a crown and bearing the likeness of royalty of the day. Elaborately deep relief carved walnut full stocks with horn fore-end caps. Horn tipped ramrods are, perhaps, period replacements.  This is an absolutely stunning pair of early pistols remaining in near mint condition throughout and photos simply do not do them justice.