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Happy is the man who fears the Lord, taking great delight in His commandments.       
Psalm 112:1 HCSB
You’re constantly tempted to resist God and to rebel against His laws (think about man’s fall in the Garden of Eden). You’re probably just a little too hardheaded—and you’re probably just a little too fond of instant gratification—for your own good. As a result, you probably have a tough time when it comes to the difficult job of obeying your Heavenly Father. And you’re not alone. Everybody resists God at one time or another, and so will you. But as you mature, you should realize that when it comes to God’s instructions, it’s better to be teachable than headstrong.
Talking about God is easy; living by His commandments is considerably harder. But, unless we are willing to abide by God’s laws, all of our righteous proclamations ring hollow. So how can we best proclaim our love for the Lord? By obeying Him. And, for further instructions, read the manual.
“God uses broken things: broken soil and broken clouds to produce grain; broken grain to produce bread; broken bread to feed our bodies. He wants our stubbornness broken into humble obedience.”
Vance Havner
“Practical obedience means pleasing God, serving Him, and getting to know Him better.”
Warren Wiersbe