The ManCode Minute | 017 - Youre Accountable   printer  

My brothers, if any among you strays from the truth, and someone turns him back, he should know that whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save his life from death and cover a multitude of sins.       
James 5:19-20 HCSB
You’re accountable to a wide range of people: family, friends, and coworkers, for starters. The word accountability has become very popular in Christian circles. But like everything else that we humans get our hands on, we’ve managed to trivialize its meaning and water it down. Please don’t make that mistake. If you want to be a real success, make up your mind to hold yourself—and your closest confidants—accountable in the truest sense of the word.
Today, as you fulfill your responsibilities, make up your mind to do what's right. And while you're t it, associate yourself with men who behave themselves in like fashion. When you do, your good works will serve as a powerful example for others and as a worthy offering to your Creator.
“Sometimes we don't need another chance to express how we feel or to ask someone to understand our situation. Sometimes we just need a firm kick in the pants. An unsmiling expectation that if we mean all these wonderful things we talk about and sing about, then lets see something to prove it.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
“Learning God’s truth and getting it into our heads is one thing, but living God’s truth and getting it into our characters is quite something else.”
Warren Wiersbe