The ManCode Minute | 016 - Draw Close to God   printer  

Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you.
James 4:8 NLT
If you’re like most men, you discovered a long time ago that finding lasting fellowship with the Creator isn’t easy. Why? Because you’re not only wired up to need a relationship with God, but you’re also hardwired to want things your own way.
Life is a series of choices. Each day, we make countless decisions that can bring us closer to God…or not. When we live according to God’s commandments, we earn for ourselves the abundance and peace that He intends for our lives. But, when we turn our backs upon God by disobeying Him, we bring needless pain upon ourselves and our families.
Do you seek God’s peace and His blessings? Then draw close to Him. When you’re faced with a difficult choice or a powerful temptation, seek God’s counsel and trust the counsel He gives. Invite God into your heart and live according to His commandments. When you do, you will be blessed today, and tomorrow, and forever.
“Our responsibility is to feed from Him, to stay close to Him, to follow Him—because sheep easily go astray—so that we eternally experience the protection and companionship of our Great Shepherd the Lord Jesus Christ.”
-Franklin Graham
“Pour out your heart to God and tell Him how you feel. Be real, be honest, and when you get it all out, you'll start to feel the gradual covering of God's comforting presence.”
-Bill Hybels