The ManCode Minute | 007 - Getting Comfortable with a Few Really Close Friends"   printer  

A man's counsel is sweet to his friend.
Proverbs 27:9 NASB
Every man needs a small group of Christian friends, a cadre of trusted counselors to watch his back, to hold him accountable, and to carry him when he can’t carry himself. If there’s a problem, these guys are available 24-7, no questions asked. But many men aren’t comfortable with really close relationships like this. If you’re one of those guys, get over it. Today.
So today, think carefully about your need for a small group of guys who can share your struggles, watch your back, and hold you accountable. And if you haven't already done so, start searching for those three good men.
“God often keeps us on the path by guiding us through the counsel of friends and trusted spiritual advisors.”
Bill Hybels
“Do you want to be wise? Choose wise friends.”
Charles Swindoll