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New 'bleeding' lures from Rapala   printer  

Years ago, professional tournament anglers and guides did their best to remain hush-hush about the apparent effectiveness of red hooks. So you can guess what happened, as the soft breath of whispered words built a bonfire of chain-mail chatter that soon found its way to every corner of the fishing world.

It's now generically described as the red hook phenomenon. The theory (and the great thing is that there's no way to test it for sure) is that red spells blood to the sim- plistic wiring in a predator fish's brain.

t's never quite as simple as that, though. The signals big fish understand are likely more of a composite. But can you imagine what a predator sees when a Rapala comes swimming along- slightly off center, looking vulnerable- then, as it comes closer, the image of reddish gills and spilling blood complete the picture?

We've talked many times about the proven effectiveness of impressionistic color patterns- how it's not the precise duplication of preyfish, but a nearly perfect impression of the weak among them, that fools fish. That moves fish to attack your lure, to pick it out from among all the natural choices moving by.

New for 2007, we offer SELECTED Rapala lures in four all new Bleeding Color Patterns. Original Floating Rapalas, Shad Raps and the new Minnow Rap are available pre-adorned in Bleeding Copper Flash, Bleeding Hot Olive, Bleeding Olive Flash, and Bleeding Pearl.

The common themes in all Bleeding colors are bleeding gills, red diving lips and red VMC hooks. At this point, it's a little late to try to keep them a secret. But so far, we don't think the fish are on to us.

Red Reminder: Red hooks are also available on some DTSure Sets, DTFlat Sure Sets, holographic Rattlin' Rapalas and some Jigging Shad Raps.