Peter Bogdanovich and Clickstar Partner to Launch "The Golden Age of Movies"   printer  

Artist-Created Channel to Feature Content from Hollywood’s Golden Era

Broadband distributor ClickStar, Inc. and renowned filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich have announced the creation of a new Artist Created channel, “The Golden Age of Movies with Peter Bogdanovich.” The channel will debut on ClickStar’s broadband service later this year with programming that captures the essence of Hollywood’s Golden Era.

The Golden Age of Movies will include a library of content that will range through all genres of film from screwball Comedies to classic Westerns. Unique to ClickStar will be productions featuring Mr. Bogdanovich’s original commentary and his perspective on cinema. Mr. Bogdanovich will host “Peter’s Movie Pick of the Week” for ClickStar viewers, sharing anecdotes and history of legendary films. ClickStar and Mr. Bogdanovich will also develop and produce monthly features around broad cinematic topics.

Peter Bogdanovich is an acclaimed film director, writer and actor. Bogdanovich was hailed by critics as a "Wellesian" wunderkind when his most well-known film, “The Last Picture Show,” was released. The film received eight Academy Awards nominations, including Best Director. Bogdanovich followed up “The Last Picture Show” with the popular hit “What's Up, Doc?”, starring Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal. Mr. Bogdanovich also directed the Academy Award® winning “Mask”. Bogdanovich was part of a new breed of A-list directors that included Academy Award winners Francis Ford Coppola and William Friedkin, with whom he formed The Directors Company. It was through this entity that Bogdanovich's “Paper Moon” was produced. Mr. Bogdanovich’s career achievements have firmly established him as a visionary in the industry. Mr. Bogdanovich is also a noted author whose works include Who the Hell’s In It which draws upon his lifetime of experience in the film industry.

“I am genuinely excited, Bogdanovich said, to collaborate with ClickStar and develop The Golden Age of Movies into a leading entertainment channel featuring classics and movie history for today’s movie audiences. The chance to share insights and facts about the history of movie making is a great opportunity.”

Morgan Freeman said, “Peter is one of the great minds of cinema and I am so pleased that his channel will be one of the anchors of ClickStar. Our audience will be entertained and privileged to see and hear his unique viewpoints.”

According to ClickStar, Inc. CEO James Ackerman, “Peter’s channel will not only feature these classic, yet enduring movies, but give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at these important films that shaped the Hollywood cinema experience.”

ClickStar’s service will be available later this year and will target millions of broadband consumers using Intel® Viiv™ technology-based PCs, which enable consumers to enjoy full screen high-fidelity films conveniently on their big screen TV from the comfort of their homes, or on-the-go through Intel Centrino® mobile technology-based laptop PCs.

“The Golden Age of Movies will provide Intel Viiv technology-based PC users with a taste of classic Hollywood,” said Kevin Corbett, vice president of Intel’s Digital Home Group and general manager of the Content Services Group. “ClickStar has truly created some different and exciting options for consumers who will now have access to hand-picked entertainment content from some of Hollywood’s top producers, directors and actors.”

ClickStar’s core mission is to become the online destination for premium content, designed to give filmmakers a vehicle to connect directly to their fans with new ways of experiencing home entertainment in a very affordable and flexible way. ClickStar’s service plans to offer first-run, pre-DVD-release films as well as the artist-created entertainment channels as part of its online services.