November 2014 Newsletter


I hope that you are having a wonderful, beautiful fall season.  Louise & Irlene gave another fantastic, awesome Halloween party at Mother’s house again this year.  Family and friends all gathered for crazy costumes, great clever food, and fun.   Barbara was "The Ole' Cat Lady" with one of her many cats, "Kenny Cat".  She says she keeps him on a short leash.

Barbara was “The Ole’ Cat Lady” with one of her many cats, “Kenny Cat”.  She says she keeps him on a short leash.

Barbara, Mary, Louise, Irlene

Barbara, Mary, Louise, Irlene

Our daughter Jaime Dudney Gilbert, and her husband Whit, gave us such a magnificent surprise when they told us they were going to have a baby.  Jaime told us she was due Dec. 26.  Well, she was put in the hospital Oct. 14 because of high blood pressure and other problems. Oct. 16, Ken and I went to see her in the hospital along with Joe and Gail, Whit’s parents.  We had only been there about 30 minutes when one of Jaime’s high risk Doctors came in her room and told her that they had the best window of opportunity and they were going to take the baby by C-section.  So, about two hours later, James Whitfield Gilbert, “JAX”, was born.  He weighed 2 pounds, 12 ounces. He is doing well, and so is Jaime, and we are praising and thanking God. 




I am extremely proud and honored that I was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame.  It means so much to me because when I began my career in show business, I started as a musician and then on to singing.
Barbara being interviewed at induction into Musicians Hall of Fame

In September, I had some knee surgery, and it feels so much better.  I injured it shoveling out in my yard and hit a big tree root.  I am more careful now.  I guess I’m still very much a tomboy.  I had to go to the emergency room about a week before Jax was born because I had a kidney stone.  I’d never had one before and I hope I never do again.  Ouch!!  Ken, Matt, and Jaime have had them.  Now that I know what it’s like, I have a lot more sympathy for people who get them.   As I am writing this, we have Matt and Christy’s cat, “Gideon” staying with us.  He’s a very big, gorgeous, charcoal colored, gold eyed, cat.  Their dog, “Bella” usually stays with us when they are on the road touring, but this trip they took her with them.  They are only gone for about a week.

Ken & I were very excited when Christy and Matt performed a concert at our church in Early October on a Sunday night.  It had been about 3 years since we had seen her perform live, not just on television, and she is such an amazing anointed, gifted singer, musician, writer, speaker, and performer.  Hope you get a chance to see her sometime.  Matthew does a fantastic job managing her, and it reminds me of how amazing my Dad was at managing my career.  I am so proud of my incredibly talented daughter-in-law, Christy.  She took home the 2014 SGN Scoops Fan voted DIAMOND AWARD for Christian Country Female Vocalist of the Year, making this her 4th win in the category.  It blesses me to see Christy and Matthew working for the Lord.

Christy with Diamond Award 2014

Christy also recently made her acting debut starring in the faith-based film, “Welcome To Inspiration,” alongside Larry Gatlin, Jason Crabb, Jackie Stewart and others.  The movie will hit Wal-Mart stores across the country January 20, 2015.  It will also be on television and in select theaters.  Be sure and sign up for Christy & Matthews newsletter at and keep in touch with them on facebook and twitter! 

Matt helped me one day when I wanted to have a section in my garden have a 20” stacked stone border around some of my hydrangeas.  Matt did all the digging and most of the stacking.  It sure turned out pretty.  He’s always so busy, and so I not only got a beautiful new addition to my garden, I got a day of really good visiting with my son.

Nathan and Hannah are enjoying their work and are very busy.  Nathan travels quite a bit with his work as V.P. of Sales and Marketing of DRT Ammunition Company.  When he goes out of town, he flies himself quite a bit of the time,  in a company plane.  He has an office in downtown Nashville, with the parent company and factory in Missouri.  Hannah is working very long hours as an Ob/Gyn at Vanderbilt hospital.  She tries to go horseback riding and jumping when she gets the chance.  When it’s the season, she tries to go fox hunting with her Dad’s Cedar Knob Hounds.

 I was asked again to participate in the MARS Pet care Pet Adoption Fair this year. I wanted Clare Bowen, the actress that plays, “Scarlett” on the hit TV show “Nashville” to come help me. She loves animals too, and she is a truly sweet, kind person.  My friend, an agent at CAA, Shannon Casey, made it possible for Clare to be there.  It was a great day.  I don’t know the exact number of dogs and cats that were adopted yet, but I think it was over 120.  The Mars company is the best.  The same Saturday that I did the Mars event; by the way, Matt and Christy escorted me.

Christy & Clare Bower, with kitten she adopted, at Mars Pet Adoption Fair.

Ken was at our gun club hosting a sporting clay shoot for the men and women from our church.  Ken did such a nice job and I know the participants had fun!I have a little room that I want to fix up between now and Christmas that we will be putting a crib in and a few baby things, so that we will have it if we sometimes baby sit Jax.  Jaime, of course, did not have her nursery ready yet, so she and Whit will get Jax’s room ready for when he comes home.

Louise, and three of my girlfriends, Janice Lovvorn (Jaime’s Godmother), Janie K. Claxton, and Pat Bullard hosted a really special baby shower for  Jaime at my house in September. 

Baby shower at Barbara’s house-Louise, Jaime, Barbara

Kellie LaPelle and Vance Nichols(Jaime’s friend) gave Jaime a beautiful baby shower at the Fontanel with all the wonderful friends of hers that work at Fontanel.  Christy and Hannah gave a lovely dinner party/shower for Jaime at Hannah and Nathans beautiful new home.  Matthew, since he’s a chef, cooked the great dinner.  Our family and friends truly have showered Jaime and Whit with gifts and so much love and prayers.  Our family is blessed.

I pray you will have a truly blessed Thanksgiving and will be with your loved ones.